Shisha banned in Ramadan tents during Iftar in Dubai

It does make sense at all if Clerics forbid Muslim to eat Pork meat whereas no one harm or death from eating Pork meat. Mullion people eat Pork meat are health than those who smoke cigaratte. Million People who smoke cigaratte are sick and then die.

Whereas Islam is a Religion of Logical–Reasonable.
It is not for any person to believe, except by the Leave of Allâh, and He will put the wrath on those who does not use his mind. Q.10 (100).
He grant wisdom to whom He please; and he to whom wisdom is granted receive indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the message but men of understanding, Men who has knowledge.Q.2:269

And if you obey most of those ( majority extremist Wahhabi Clerics ) on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allâh’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.Q. 6:116.

1. Muslim can you eat and drink all food and drink as long as NOT harm your health—conversely all foods and drinks can harm your health and others ARE FORBIDDEN or Haram.

Muslim can eat meat of pork not to much and not to much drink alcohol—— smoke cigaratte is dangerous for your health.

All love ❤️.
I urge Editor of TMT to protect my right to respond or comment this good article. Please do not erase my respond. Thank you, God bless you all and Ahmadiyya.

The Muslim Times

Web Report /Dubai
Filed on May 8, 2018

Ramadan tents were usually not segregated into smoking and non-smoking sections due to the additional cost.

Dubai Municipality has banned shisha or smoking in Ramadan tents throughout Dubai.

The ban is in place during the Iftar period from the moment the cannon is fired at dusk until 9pm.

It issued the ban to protect children or minors under the legal age (18 and under), pregnant women and non-smokers from smoking’s harmful effects.

The municipality is currently vetting applications for Ramadan tent permits. Two have been granted and eight applications submitted in the e-system are under consideration, according to Dr Nassim Rafi, Acting Director of Public Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality.

Ramadan tents were usually not segregated into smoking and non-smoking sections due to the additional cost, as per Ittihad report.

Rafa pointed out, however, that anyone can be asked to…

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Somi Tempo

I am a retire, 73 years old, live in USA. I want to share my belief about Islam. As I see Islam today is not showing a religion of peace, and mercy but opposite. There is something wrong either Islamic teaching is wrong or Clerics who teach Islam is wrong. I believe strongly the Islamic teaching has been contaminated with false teaching from Hadith as second of resourse of Islamic teaching. As we know that the book of Hadith is not the word of God, but men. This is a big problem. Most Muslim believe in Hadith ( I consider is Idol ). Muslim fall into sinful Syrick, unforgivable sin in Islam. Hopefully I can share my observation to others what I have found some mistakes in the Islamic teaching. Islamic teaching is really needed to be reformed in order Muslim can claim again that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy for mankind. This is my purpose. May God guide us all to the right path of Islam and protect us from sinful Syrick . Ameen. Somi Tempo

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