Taboo-breaking liberal mosque opens in Berlin

Quote —He added that “we will try to depoliticise Islam”, as the religion was being torn by rival political movements. “Because religion is a private matter.”===

I agree 100 percent that Islam is private matter— between Creator and creation human being.

Most Islamic clerics use Islam for gaining the Power—then they use the power to impose their belief to others . If others do not follow them will be accussed enemy of Islam

Enemy of Islam have to be punished untill they convert to their belief.

Conversely Liberal Prigressive respect and accept the different belief. Let God judge our belief in Him, Hod knows every thing.

Some Sects of Islam not only to gain the power also to earn money for his interest.

Islam should be spreaded sincerly, lovely and pecefully withour discriminating others

All love ❤️

The Muslim Times

Source:The Local

Taboo-breaking liberal mosque opens in Berlin

With a mission to spread a liberal form of Islam, a mosque where men and women pray side by side has opened its doors in Berlin, complete with female imams.

The Arabic phrase “Allahu Akbar” (‘God is greatest’) resonated through the crowded Ibn-Rushd-Goethe-Mosque Friday as US-Malaysian Ani Zonneveld, one of the world’s few female imams, launched the call to prayer.

Then one of the founders of the new place of worship, lawyer and women’s rights activist Seyran Ates, opened the event with words of welcome before Christian and Jewish guests and a large media contingent.

“We want to send a signal against Islamic terror and the misuse of our religion,” said Turkish-born Ates, 54, dressed in a long white robe. “We want to practise our religion together.”

Ates — no stranger to breaking taboos, having called for a “sexual revolution” in the Muslim world — vowed she would…

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Somi Tempo

I am a retire, 73 years old, live in USA. I want to share my belief about Islam. As I see Islam today is not showing a religion of peace, and mercy but opposite. There is something wrong either Islamic teaching is wrong or Clerics who teach Islam is wrong. I believe strongly the Islamic teaching has been contaminated with false teaching from Hadith as second of resourse of Islamic teaching. As we know that the book of Hadith is not the word of God, but men. This is a big problem. Most Muslim believe in Hadith ( I consider is Idol ). Muslim fall into sinful Syrick, unforgivable sin in Islam. Hopefully I can share my observation to others what I have found some mistakes in the Islamic teaching. Islamic teaching is really needed to be reformed in order Muslim can claim again that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy for mankind. This is my purpose. May God guide us all to the right path of Islam and protect us from sinful Syrick . Ameen. Somi Tempo

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