Pakistan: Ahmadiyyas demand potent investigation for Qazi Muhammed Shoban’s murder in Lahore

Innalillahi wainnaillahi rajiiun very sad news indeed.
As I say here many time that as long as Ahmadiyyah IGNORE the false Hadith in the Book of Hadith Muslim
bukhari— persecuting and killing Ahmadiyyah Muslim in Pakistan and Indonesia will continue until all violrnt hadith be removed from the book of Islamic education.

Hopefully Ahmadiyya will change their mind to remove false hadith.

All love ❤️
A wise man always learn and look at to himself if there is something wrong but a foolish blame others. Proverb Daud

The Muslim Times

Qazi Muhammed Shoban did not have any personal enmity, neither was he involved in any kind of trade conflict with anyone. He accepted Ahmaddiyat 15 years ago.

Times of Ahmad | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: SSA Pakistan
By Press Release | June 27, 2018

The Murderers of an Ahmadi Qazi Muhammed Shoban being killed due to the religious hate should be arrested immediately

The Spokesperson of the Ahmaddiya Community Pakistan Saleem Ud  Din  has made a demand for the immediate arrest of the murderers of an Ahmadi Qazi Muhammed Shoban, killed on the night of 25th June in the area of Nishtar Colony Lahore due to religious hate.

Saleem Ud  Din also made a demand that strong punishment should be given to the murderers according to the law.

According to details two persons wearing mask entered the house of Qazi Muhammed Shoban on the night of 25th June…

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Somi Tempo

I am a retire, 73 years old, live in USA. I want to share my belief about Islam. As I see Islam today is not showing a religion of peace, and mercy but opposite. There is something wrong either Islamic teaching is wrong or Clerics who teach Islam is wrong. I believe strongly the Islamic teaching has been contaminated with false teaching from Hadith as second of resourse of Islamic teaching. As we know that the book of Hadith is not the word of God, but men. This is a big problem. Most Muslim believe in Hadith ( I consider is Idol ). Muslim fall into sinful Syrick, unforgivable sin in Islam. Hopefully I can share my observation to others what I have found some mistakes in the Islamic teaching. Islamic teaching is really needed to be reformed in order Muslim can claim again that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy for mankind. This is my purpose. May God guide us all to the right path of Islam and protect us from sinful Syrick . Ameen. Somi Tempo

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